Audio-visual equipment

“Altas – Lithuania’s leading car audio and security systems sales and installation services company offers you the largest selection of car audio systems and audio equipment in Lithuania. Only here you will find a particularly large selection of audio-visual systems and equipment and will be able to choose from the world’s best manufacturers of magnetolas, loudspeakers, in-car multimedia devices, amplifiers, subwoofers and other necessary equipment.

Visit our showrooms to buy the highest quality car audio and video equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. You can also choose from our wide range of car stereos, DVD and multimedia players, audio amplifiers, video displays, in-car navigation equipment, speakers, audio speakers, subwoofers, connecting cables and various accessories.

A wide range of car audio and video equipment will allow every car owner to choose the equipment that suits them best, and our specialists will install it in your car. Altas staff will also help you choose the best audio equipment for your car and provide professional advice on all your audio and video equipment issues.

“Altas sells only the highest quality equipment from the world’s leading car audio and video manufacturers. Altas guarantees good quality sound in your car when you buy and install car audio equipment from us.

When you come to us, you’ll find a wide range of audio equipment – from a simple record player to USB and Bluetooth-enabled car stereos and other audio equipment. You can also buy in-car multimedia devices with DVD player, car navigation, TV and other accessories. Altas has a wide selection of car speakers, speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers.

High-quality audio equipment for your car guarantees quality sound from your audio or video player – Altas offers you only the best quality and highest standards of audio and video equipment for your car at the best price. Our experts ensure that when you buy a car audio system from us, you can enjoy the best sound quality in your car.



Altas offers you headphones that you can connect via infrared to folding monitors and enjoy impressive sound directly into your ears without disturbing anyone.

We also offer headphones with integrated headset. Connect the headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use the headphones as a hands-free device. You can answer, end a call or perform another action just by touching the earpiece control.

Video recorders

Altas offers a wide range of in-car video recorders to ensure that you capture incidents or events on the road. Video recorders with GPS and WI-FI interfaces will contribute to the ease of use and convenience of the device, and in the event of an accident or even theft, will help you locate the exact position of your car.

Our video recorders are not only distinctive in design, but also capture images in high resolution, giving you a 100% guarantee that the recording will be of the right quality, with clear and crisp images of all the details that are happening in your car during the journey or while it is parked.

Altas specialists will help you choose the right video recorder and answer all your questions.


Altas UAB offers you a wide range of in-car monitors. Buy a monitor and your passengers will never be bored, even on the longest journey. Our stores have a monitor to suit every customer. From 8″ up to 22″ diagonal, we offer folding monitors. From the simplest monitors with a DVD player to monitors with HDMI connections and Full HD quality.

We offer car monitors equipped with the latest technology – infrared transmitters for wireless headphones, USB memory, SD card slots, HDMI connections, Full HD quality, FM transmitters for audio playback through the car’s speakers, and many other features.

Altas UAB specialists will help you choose the right monitor for your car and answer all your questions. Experienced technicians will also install your purchased monitor in your car.

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