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An anti-alcohol engine lock, also known as an alcolock, alcoblock or alcospyna, is an electronic device that prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver’s level of alcohol consumption is above the legal limit. To determine whether the person behind the wheel of a car is sober, he or she must blow into a breathalyser before starting the engine.
“Altas services only offer the highest quality, Swedish-made Dignita anti-alcohol engine locks, which can be adapted for both commercial use and the driver offender programme.

Why choose Dignita alkoblocks?

Altas is the official and authorised representative of the Swedish technology company Dignita System AB in Lithuania. With a vision of “Let’s save lives together…”, the Scandinavian technology leader focuses on developing products that promote safety in traffic and the workplace. More than 1 million Dignita Alcoblocks have been installed worldwide and more than 120,000 vehicles with active alcoblocks are currently on the road.
“Dignita brand anti-alcohol engine locks are tested and certified according to the Cenelec standard EN-50436-1:201 through extensive testing at the MHF laboratory. If you purchase or rent Dignita locks, we will also issue certificates for the locks and installation work in accordance with the Lithuanian standard.

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