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Alcoblocks for the Driver Offender Programme

For drink drivers who have lost their licence due to a mild level of alcohol consumption (0.4 – 1.5 mmol), the Driver Offender Programme allows them to reduce the period of driving disqualification by fitting a breathalyser.

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How do the alcoblocks for the Driver Offender Programme work?

The AL-100V AL-100V by Dignita of Sweden complies with LST EN 50436-1 Lithuanian standard and is configured to meet the requirements of the Driver Offender Programme.

The breathalyser shall operate in such a way that the driver is asked to provide a breath sample (breath test) before starting the vehicle engine. The anti-alcohol engine lock must have a set time of 5 minutes to start the car’s engine after the sample is taken. The sample must also be requested at random intervals during engine operation, at least once an hour, and the driver must provide the sample within 10 minutes of the request.
According to LST EN 50436-1, the device must also have a system lockout if the driver fails to perform the mandatory periodic calibration of the device within 7 days of being notified that the device has expired.

The Anti-Alcohol Engine Lock for the Driver Violator Programme also stores in its memory all recordings of the breathalyser tests, their date and time. So, if the vehicle is started at least once without taking the mandatory sample, or if alcohol is detected in the sample, or if the driver fails to provide the sample requested at random intervals on three occasions, the anti-alcohol engine lock should automatically initiate a lockout of the system after 7 days.

After the expiry of the restriction code “69”, the Dignita alkoblock can be reprogrammed and adapted for more convenient personal or commercial use at Altas services. However, if you only need an alcohol lock for a few months, you can also rent Dignita AL-100V anti-alcohol engine locks from Altas services.
Tested and certified according to Cenelec standard EN-50436-1:2014

The installation of the Alkoblock shall only be carried out by qualified installers in certified workshops in accordance with the installation manual and local legal requirements.


1150 € + montavimo darbai

Rental price per month:

Up to 6 months - 90 €, from 6 months - 75 €. Deposit 150 € + installation work

Calibration cost:

from 150 €

Alcoblock reprogramming price:

100 €

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