Traffic safety systems

“Mobileye – an advanced warning system (AWS) for maximum safety and incident-free traffic participation. The system informs you of potentially dangerous situations on the road, but does not replace your normal driving functions or reduce your need to stay alert and cautious behind the wheel.

Most accidents are caused by inattention, when the driver takes his eyes off the road. Within seconds of looking to the side while driving, answering a call, reading or texting, changing the frequency of a radio station, the car in front of us can slow down or stop.

These first fractions of a second are critical. “Mobileye never sleeps, is never distracted and is always on the lookout for potential dangers on the road. The system monitors the car’s trajectory and notifies you of potential emergency situations:

  • If the driver does not keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front
  • If the car in front of you has slowed down considerably
  • If you are turning out of your lane without activating your turn signal

“Mobileye’s AWS system does not use radio waves, optical, laser or any other source of radiation. The system analyses the camera data and special software detects conditions that violate the safe distance or trajectory. “Mobileye helps the driver to be alerted in time to an emergency situation that may arise on the road and prevent a potential accident.



Mobileye 8 Connect

The ideal solution for small businesses. “Mobileye 8 Connect gives you time to avoid or mitigate collisions by alerting drivers to potential road hazards with audible and visual signals. In addition, real-time alerts help to develop safer driving habits.

An intelligent analytics platform also allows you to monitor your entire fleet and its safety improvements. The AI system is continuously updated to ensure that the fleet has the most advanced safety features.

Mobileye Shield Plus

Suitable for heavy urban traffic. When danger is detected, visual and audible signals alert the driver to react quickly to avoid a collision. Dynamic detection angles allow blind spots to be detected on the A-pillar and on the right and left sides of the vehicle.

“Vehicles equipped with Mobileye Shield Plus are equipped with a telematics system that collects alert data to improve urban infrastructure.

Mobile Online Events

Hardware and software solutions for large carriers. The Vehicle Monitoring System (FMS) records, collects and stores data, while the optional Mobileye Online Events software provides detailed reports on the driver’s driving style.

“Mobileye is installed on all Renault Truck premium trucks and Coca-Cola trucks in Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 3,500 units have been installed at RG England’s haulage facility in Salt Lake City.

According to Morgan Capital, an Israeli leasing company, cars equipped with Mobileye reduce accidents by 2.5 times.

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