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Commercial transport

Certified Dignita alkoblocks from Sweden – a preventive measure to prevent an intoxicated person/employee from starting the vehicle’s engine. If the driver’s breath detects an alcohol concentration above a set limit, the device disables the engine starting system. This preventive measure can help avoid many accidents. The Alcohol Engine Lock can be fitted to any commercial vehicle: trucks, buses, vans, tractors, excavators and other heavy machinery.

The DIGNITA AL-100K complies with the Swedish Transport Agency’s TSFS 2011:71 and is approved by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Traficom. Tested and approved according to the latest CENELEC standard EN- 50436-2:2014.

The parameters of the Alkoblock can be reprogrammed according to customer requirements.

Technical features of the DIGNITA AL-100K alcohol lock:

Compatible with electric, hybrid and keyless cars.

The only alcohol blocker on the market tested and approved by 24 months of laboratory testing.

Clear messages on calibration and maintenance of the breathalyzer.

Ability to integrate with all telemetry and location services (eg Seeme). The integration allows for "two-way" communication (calibration reminders, alarms about blocking the device when the permissible alcohol content is exceeded).

Operating temperature: from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C

The possibility of turning off the device remotely (for example, if the inflator horn is damaged or broken while the vehicle is abroad).

Built-in heating of alcohol measuring elements. Can be activated, for example, by opening the car door.

Possibility to block the device and the car at the same time after the driver enters the PIN code (immobilizer function).

Fast test preparation and fast response time.

Alkoblok AL-100 is guaranteed for 3 years if annual calibration is performed.

The most accurate and longest-lasting alcohol measuring element of the new generation.

Ready to connect to an already installed GPS or telemetry device.

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