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Locks / cylinders

A door lock is more than just a device for locking the door to your home. It is a purchase that determines your psychological comfort and sense of security. We represent the GERDA brand, whose doors and door locks meet the highest security requirements. This is confirmed by numerous safety certificates and satisfied customers whose homes and apartments are protected by GERDA products.

Looking for a reliable and sturdy lock for wooden or armoured metal doors? Take a look at our range, make your choice and contact your Altas representative.

Locks are included

UAB “Altas” offers a large assortment of additional locks from which you can choose the most suitable option for you.

These included locks are manufactured under the supervision of professionals and experts from the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw. Every newly designed lock is inspected and tested by them for strength and security.

We strive for modern solutions and constantly improve production technologies. All this in order to ensure maximum safety, reliability and comfort of use.

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