Who we are

„Altas“ is a private company founded in 1992.
It possesses a trade network operating in all the largest cities of Lithuania.
The business group under "Altas" name consists of 12 companies of different profiles.
The business area covered by "Altas" is a wholesale and retail trade, service and production.


What we do

We are glad to offer you a wide range of goods and services necessary for your vehicle, home and office. Without sales, we do all installation works, long-term guarantee care, representation of insurance companies interests. 'Altas' represents the majority of electronic and security products producers such as Cobra, Clarion, Connex, Parrot, Fiscon, Manta, Mobileye, Digital Systems, Kodinis raktas, Skybrake, SeeMe, Nvox, Modecom, Steel Mate, Whistler, X-Mini, Blinder, Mobotix and Gerda. The company also specializes in the sales of parking management systems, navigation systems, car electronics, multimedia, insurance services, security systems of vehicles and indoor spaces. Moreover, „Altas“ runs the sales of Lieger automobiles and Ducati motorcycles, also the sales of insurance services. Finally, on the list of all services, offered by  'Altas' company, there is a production of passenger buses. Our long experience and a wide range of clients demands improve our skills and knowledge, tracking changes in the market, testing new products and introduce them to Lithuanian market.
Altas group is your business partner!
If you are interested in cooperation with company "Altas", please contact us.


Brands we represent