Genevo VIP M

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The 2+1=3-in-1 system.

Genevo VIP is an integrated radar detector with GPS, but it can also be connected to the familiar AL Priority laser protection, so you have full protection in one unit. The controls are on a small screen, barely bigger than the old Escort models. New, Genevo VIP has filters for distronik/blind spot systems. It filters out ~95% of cars, and now it is possible to drive from Vilnius to Kaunas without receiving a single false report caused by cars driving alongside, while having the most sensitive detector on the market.


Ideal sensitivity
Automotive radar filter (Distronic, blind spot systems, etc.)
Detection and alerting of the latest Multaradar gauges with a separate message
Detailed reports on medium speed cameras (across Europe)
The best GPS duombaza
The best radar detector, the best laser protection and the best GPS duomass in one compact unit
Legal in Lithuania
Simple operation
Efficient urban mode
Efficient automatic mode adapting sensitivity to driving speed
Not suitable for Radar detectors (especially important in Latvia, Estonia)
Updates with USB key

Genevo VIP M is mostly focused on Western European radars and on the best possible filtering (although even with good filtering it is now probably the most sensitive detector on the market). In Lithuania, radar detection efficiency is ~98%. When the filters are activated, VIP will not detect old Russian radars, of which there are only 3-5 units left in Lithuania (in unmarked cars).

In the future, a software update will be released (free of charge) and those who want to detect 100% of the meters will be able to simply turn off the filters. And now, for those who don’t care about good filtering and it is very important to detect absolutely everything, we recommend the well-known and at the same time cheaper and simpler AL Priority 2-in-one kit, because it does not have any filters, so it detects absolutely all the possible gauges in Lithuania. Important to know – the latest unmarked cars (say, white Skoda, black Audi A6) have different speed measurement equipment, which we detect perfectly even with all filters activated.

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