Genevo LT one and Genevo LT one Plus

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Since 2017. Radar detectors are completely legal in Lithuania, so you can safely use even portable radar detectors. Portable radar detectors are also a very rational choice for those who want to avoid overspending, as they perform only marginally worse than installed detectors, but cost more than half as much. On this occasion, we are introducing two new Genevo LT detectors, built to our specifications, and adapted as much as possible to Lithuanian radars. Genevo LT One and Genevo LT One Plus. These detectors not only offer excellent radar or GPS performance, but also a very good price.


Designed by radar enthusiasts to be a pleasure to use. Good radar detection (LT One)
Excellent radar detection (LT One Plus – arguably the most sensitive portable detector on the market)
Automotive radar filter (Distronic, blind spot systems, etc.)
Special Lithuanian radar mode (reduction of false reports by ~50-80%, but only about 1-3% reduction in efficiency)

The best GPS duombaza
Detailed messages about average speed measurement sections (future sections are already in the database)
Intuitive operation
Everything in Lithuanian
Legal in Lithuania
Simple operation
Efficient urban mode
Efficient automatic mode adapting sensitivity to driving speed
LT One Plus does not detect the presence of a detector in your car Police patrol cars have existing equipment (especially important in Latvia, Estonia)
Unrivalled value for money in terms of price, functionality and efficiency

The software is not yet 100% complete, but when it is, it is very likely that LT One Plus will be even better than Genevo VIP M in terms of efficiency.

The main differences between LT One and LT One Plus: LT One with yellow screen, Plus with red screen. Plus is almost twice as sensitive. The general recommendation for today is to go for LT One Plus, because when the filters are activated, d-l has very good sensitivity and still detects real radars from very long distances, but at the same time it filters out cars with distronics etc. very well. Plus Plus works better in city mode (with reduced sensitivity), does a very good job of filtering out shops, but still picks up real radars from good distances.

LT One is only recommended for those who do not intend to use distronic filters. With the current software, activating the filters on the LT One model is a bit too aggressive and the detector starts to filter more than we would like (of course an update will be attempted, but the best features of the detector are revealed when not using the filters). Without the use of dystronic filters, the detector performs well for its price. However, we would recommend the Plus model more, as the filters are perfectly matched and the detector is very well balanced (in fact, it catches real radars from further away, with fewer false positives).

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